Adding To Your
Busy Work Load 
So That You
Can Craft More... 


Give Your Craft Business A Boost: More Sales With Less Work.
How?  Simple.

    • It’s creating complementary (and business and brand enhancing) products 
    • Products you can create once to sell over and over and over again without having to lift a finger.  
    • Products your customers will love and buy but which don't take up any more of your time.
    • These products help you with your marketing and selling your existing craft products and services too.

The trick is finding the right handsfree products to fit right into your business, without adding extra work (after the initial set up), which is step one of this course.

Ching Ching! It's cash in the bank without having to queue at the Post Office or squeeze more orders into your already bulging diary. These are the products that people can buy even when you are on holiday, and you can carry on enjoying time on a beach guilt and worry free.

Let me introduce you to HandsFree Crafting™

If you want to know how to make more money from your craft without having to fulfil individual orders..


If you want to scale up and make more money but don't have the spare capacity or resources available...


If you need to be less hands-on in your business due to life and other commitments...

Then HandsFree Crafting™  is the perfect addition to your business.

I'd love to help you make this part of your craft business.

I'm Nicola Smith, Founder of A Handcrafted Business.  

I've had my own successful handmade business and I've helped hundreds and hundreds of creatives in business for the last 8 years.  

Which means I know the good and the bad, all the time drains and more importantly what to do and what not to do.  

Now it's time for me to help you make more with less time. 

I'm Ready To Go HandsFree!

What is the one thing that once it has gone, you can't ever replace?   You've got it. TIME!

HandsFree Crafting™ slots perfectly into your business without needing extra time (after the initial set up)

HandsFree Crafting™ is adding a product (or service) that complements your existing handmade business but that doesn't need any of your time to deliver the product or service at all.  
It's handsfree - hence the name!

Create Once
Sell Often
Customers Love Them
 Frees Up Your Time

✓ HandsFree Crafting™ is designed to enhance you craft not take away.  It does not stop you being a craft business.

✓ It's designed to be a supplementary, easy income to complement and help attract new customers who love you and your craft.

✓ It's a new string to your bow, to help you grow and scale your income.

✓ It's building your personal brand and authority.

Through this practical, step by step course you will discover the best HandsFree Crafting™ products for your business which will:
enhance your business and your customers experience.  
enable you to make more money without spending more time serving.  
enhance your existing marketing giving your current business a boost.

These handsfree products and services are tried and tested and proven to work!

By the time you complete this 4 step course you will have your own HandsFree Crafting™ products ready to sell! 

P.S. This course also covers how to market and sell your HandsFree Crafting™ products!

HandsFree Crafting™ Is Perfect For You If: 

Your business is ready to soar. You have all the ideas for amazing products and services but they take time to design and make.
You need to earn more money but you also need to build an audience and you need to have more products to earn the money.  
It all feels a little chicken and egg!

A HandsFree Crafting™ product works for you because they are relatively fast to create (depending on the type of product you choose) but the handsfree delivery means you can be growing your business while making money without spending time fulfilling orders. 

Your business is up, up and away. 
You are busy which is great, but it is a juggle struggle and you don't feel like you have time to stop and relax.  If you stop, you are worried the sales will stop.

For you a Handsfree Crafting™ product is perfect as, once it's created, it can slot right into your business, your existing customers will love it, and it will buy you some time to catch yourself up and breathe. 

WOW! Your business is on fire. Your diary is bursting at the seams.  
You simply don't know how to fit in more work.

For you a Handsfree Crafting™product is perfect because it gives you something new to offer to your customers something they will love but which won't take any more of your limited time.  

It's a great way to boost your income without needing extra space in your diary.

HandsFree Crafting™ is adding a brand new income stream to your business. 

It's entrepreneur thinking; creating resilience while freeing you up to do more of what you love. 

On the inside, you get....


❂ 4 Modules Walk Through:  We Plan It, Create it, Market It and Sell It!

From first idea to picking the perfect handsfree product* for your business through to creating your product, and we cover the marketing and selling too!
(Value: £250)

❂ 4 Workbooks:  We Plan It, Create it, Market It and Sell It!

You get a workbook to accompany each module, so you can keep all your insights and ideas in one place helping you be more efficient to get your HandsFree Crafting™ products out into the world.  This is all about helping you get your product/s created and selling.
(Value: £50)


❂ #handsfreecrafting:  Get Visible!

When you use this hashtag, I will share and showcase your HandsFree Crafting™ products on my social media, and celebrate your achievements. (Value: £unlimited potential)

Total Value  = Priceless!

But For You, It's Just £47.00

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It's Time For The Module BreakDown

1. Plan It!

In Module 1 we look at your craft, your knowledge and consider all the options available to you.  We look at many possibilities to get your  ideas flowing, then you brainstorm and make a decision on the best Handsfree Crafting™ product for you.  You will learn about the four different types of HandsFree Crafting™ options*. 

2. Create It!

In this next module we break down your HandsFree Crafting™ product into small steps and you create it.  It could be a single product or a collection, depending  on the type of product you choose. This module is all about quickly creating your first HandsFree Crafting™ product and pricing it.

3. Market It!

In this module you will learn all about marketing your HandsFree Crafting™ product and how it will fit right in and complement your existing business.  By the end of this module you will have created copy which will resonate with your audience, so no excuses for not marketing!

4. Sell It!

You are nearly there now!! This is where all your work comes to fruition. Finally we work out your marketing schedule so you can put the copy you created in Module 3 to good use and get visible. This marketing will benefit your existing business as well as your new products.  This module is all about  sell, sell sell!

There is something to suit all handcrafted businesses.  

* You will be introduced to 4 different HandsFree Crafting™ product types, you will choose just one to work on during this course.  (You can of course rinse and repeat this process with any of the others in the future, if you wish.)
By the end of this course you will have created and be selling one of these 4 product types.
 Some will be quicker to create than others, some will be higher value than others.
This course is about picking the best option for you, creating it and starting to sell it!

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