The global economy is built on the backs of small businesses; there is no such thing as 'just' a handcrafted business. You literally MAKE a difference.

The Handcrafted Business Club Is Now Open

The Handcraft Business Club is designed for you so that you can focus on being creative. 

Supporting you everyday;  with answers to your questions, highlighting new opportunities and providing you with insightful information so that, no matter what is going on in the world, you can flourish and thrive!

You can learn from experts, tapping into expertise and knowledge to power you on.
The Club has all the information you need to grow your business with the encouragement and motivation to put the right pieces into action.

The Club will help you make more of your business and craft.

It's all the answers, knowledge (you don't know what you don't know), support and cheerleading, you need, all in one place.

Club members enjoy a safe, friendly environment, with ongoing support, like-minded friendships, and expert knowledge.

Master Your Marketing MasterClass & Group Coaching Session

Value: £394

exclusively for new members who join before 3rd June 2021 only. classes are live, however recordings will be available

These two amazing bonus sessions aren't hanging around for long.

1. Strategic Marketing Masterclass

Value: £197

It's time to shine a light on your business with marketing that means your customers simply can't resist you.  They are drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

Discover exactly what that looks like for  your business.

2.  Business Coaching  Session (Group)

Value: £197

It isn't what you know, it's what you do!

It's time to empower you to DO so that you actually grow your business.  

This is your helping hand to take action.









This is your personal invitation to join The Handcrafted Business Club

Your One Stop Shop For Marketing, Mentoring & Support
So That You Can Grow Your Business With Confidence


Hi, I'm Nicola,  a small business mentor, coach and strategist for makers, artists and creatives who want to MAKE MORE® from their craft.

With over twenty years of experience,  I understand the business and the marketing.

Importantly I know that the MORE for each of us is different.  For some it's about more profits, more impact for others it's more freedom or flexibility. Whatever you want to make more of, I am here to help you get it; balancing your creativity and artistry with business skills and marketing strategies.

You deserve to have the best craft business for you; one that works for you, your lifestyle and commitments, whatever they are, and of course for your customers too which is I founded The Handcrafted Business Club, to give you the everyday support and guidance you need to succeed.

It is about running a credible business with confidence and integrity straight from your heart, that works for you and your life. 

As seen on: Channel 4 and The Street

Inside The Club

You'll be able to pick very clever brains, and delve into the expertise and knowledge to power you on.  

You'll discover everything you need to create and grow your business.

You'll be encouraged and motivated to put the right parts into action for you.

All in one affordable, easy to use, safe place, inside The Handcrafted Business Club.  Your one stop shop!

You won't need to spend time figuring stuff out, because the answers you need will be waiting for you inside The Club.

There is just one thing you need to do, and that is ask for help. (Rest assured, there is no such thing as a silly question!)

Nicky Merrick, Pink Giraffe

"I'd been in business for a fair few years and although doing well, Nicola's hints, tips and support have become invaluable - even for someone who generally 'knows what they are doing'. Her courses and advice are not just for beginners!"

Kirsty Robson, Red Balloon Illustrations

"I can’t thank Nicola enough for giving me the support and guidance in growing my business forward. She has such a lovely ability to bring clarity and understanding whilst respecting I am a tortoise and not a hare! I totally recommend Nicola! I don’t feel alone in my business anymore. Nicola is the ‘beez knees’👌"

Sara Gates, Mitcheldean Soaps

"Nicola Smith is one of the most helpful and fantastic people I know, if you are a handcrafter and in business and want to be taken seriously you need a Nicola Smith !"

As a Club member you have:

  • No more fretting or worrying about your business
    with your own marketing and business coach and mentor, Nicola Smith, ready to answer all your questions, no matter how silly they seem.
  • Everything is made simple, so you can make the things you need, work for you
    with all the marketing expertise and training you will need to make everything in your business work at your finger tips (even if you are doing your best to avoid tech.)
  • Never feel alone again or unsupported again
    as you will be part of community of amazing, supportive, like-minded successful creative business owners who will never get bored hearing about your business, your ideas, and who love to share their own experience and knowledge with you too.
  • You own cheer leading squad, in your pocket at all times
    with the support and expert guidance you need to grow and flourish. You will be part of a community who get you completely and will soon be your greatest business allies. In fact it becomes your business ‘family’.
  • Forget those procrastination and overwhelm days
    with your own extra pairs of helping hands and fresh pairs of eyes for when you can’t see the wood for the trees and to keep you focused and on track.
  • It’s your safe place 
    your own special place to plan, get encouragement, get guidance, be accountable, brainstorm, learn, vent, celebrate, find your mojo and to feel ready and supported to achieve your dreams.

    And you can stay for as long as you need to. No contracts to tie you in.

Emma Sneddon.
Tasha & Ted

"I love it here ... What you teach makes so much sense and unlike other gurus I have signed up to you in the past you really want us to do well rather than just seeing us as money making opportunities. Thank you so much for this wonderful club."

Sheree Collins,
Eternal Posey

"Having Nicola as my business advisor/mentor is the best thing I have done for my business. She is a fountain of knowledge, which is always up to date and relevent to what I need, to make my business grow. As a small business with a small income I was unsure if paying out for the service was the best way to invest some of the was the best investment I have made. If you are in unsure, have a look at some of the free information and live sessions she provides. On top of all of that you become a member of a great group of like-minded small business owners who are always available to answer questions, give advice and generally spur you on to take your business to the level you want it to be at.".

Sarah Taylor-Mcallister
Pin Up and Pearl

I can honestly say, Nicola Smith that joining the club has probably been the best thing I've done for my business. Since joining, I've actually felt like having a proper income from a business I've built is a real possibility and not just a pipe dream, and it's an amazing feeling.

When you join the Creative Business Club straight away you become part of the community and you will be welcomed with open arms.

You get immediate access to all marketing training and support with recorded and live video classes, with workbooks and eBooks too via an online platform (or you can use the app)

There are regular guest expert classes too; hand-picked experts are invited in to teach us a specific topic or skill.

There are classes on social media platforms, email marketing, marketing, audience building, copy writing, photography and more.

You can join our friendly and fabulous Facebook group (for Members only) where you can join in, connect and start asking questions straight away.

You also get two live group Q&A video sessions a month – where we can have a proper chat about your business and any issues or help you need get you unstuck and moving forward

Every month you will be invited to join in a live planning session, so you can look back and learn from your last month, and plan out your top priorities and goals for the next month. You will be held accountable too!

You can stay for as long as you need. No contract or tie in.
It’s the perfect combination of doing, training and the support you need to make more from your craft.

Want to know how members describe The Club?

| Secret Weapon | Safe | Welcoming | Supportive | Immensely Helpful |  Friendly | Reassuring | Knowledge Base | Community | Honest | Results | Advice | Value | Brilliant | Confidence Building | Answers | Creative Business | Increased Sales | Fun | Phenomenal | Safe | Expert Advice | Investment | Recommend | Success | Like-minded | Guidance | Growth | Focus | Motivating | Accountability | Passion | Business Advisor | Family | Business Mentor

The Club is for you if …


... you have a bigger dream for your creative business

…you want to make more happen with your creative business

… you need friendly, personal support for your creative business so you can feel confident about your business and marketing

…. you want to make more money, sell more, be legal, get website/platform support, have techy advice on hand and get every day support whenever you need it 

Do you an prefer annual or monthly membership?

The Club Annual Membership

Get Two Months Free

£340.00 GBP every year

Actually, it's more mastermind than membership

As a Club member you get marketing training, expert classes, everyday support, guidance and accountability, co-working and connection all designed to help you make more from your business.  

It's a power house of handcrafted business support.


The Club is designed to help you take action, make progress and feel more confident with your business so you can Make More.

If you want to know about: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Being Legal, GDPR, Branding, Mindset (no more holding yourself back),  Marketing Planning, Strategy, Your Niche, Photography, YouTube, Social Media Marketing, Numbers,  Pricing, it's all ready and waiting for you to handpick the parts you need. All ready for you to dip into as you need it.

There are new classes each month, which you can join live, or watch the replay. 

You also get access to

> Two live group Q&A sessions on Zoom each month with Nicola Smith where you can ask questions to get the answers you need. 

>  a library of useful resources available 24/7 

>  monthly planning (and kick into action) session to keep you focused and moving forward

>  an amazing community of supportive creative business owners in an exclusive Facebook group too.

>  and weekly Zoom co-working sessions too, where you can connect with other members.

> and everything (except the Facebook group) is in an app, so always with you and easy to access.

Note: As a member you get a lot of help and support in The Club, however you don't need to do it all.  You can handpick and choose the help you need, when you need it.

Everything is recorded, so is available for you if and when you need it.  

Joining The Handcrafted Business Club is risk free.  

There is no tie-in period, you can stay for as long as you choose.

The price you join at, stays locked in for as long as you stay a member. 

Results are not guaranteed, the help is all here for you but ultimately it all depends on you using the resources, taking action and implementing.